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We mind your matters...

Matters of The Mind 365, LLC


Mission: Improvement of mental, behavioral health, overall life satisfaction and job performance.


Services Offered

Psychotherapy Services (Limited-service area): We strive to create a safe space for you to share and process your inner most thoughts, daily stressors and traumatic experiences.  The overall goal is to provide you with the tools, information and support to necessary so that you may have more moments of peace.

​Life Coaching Services: Coaching is a partnership focused on developing awareness, thinking, and abilities necessary to achieve work and or life balance. The overall goal is to effect change through identification of contextual roadblocks; by providing support; encouragement; and open-honest feedback.

Corporate Psychological Consulting Services: Keeping in line with our philosophy that work is personal therefore it is psychological, our overall goal is 3-fold...

-Identification and assessment of contextual roadblocks.

-Provide support, encouragement and education on use of the tools necessary to overcome contextual roadblocks.

-Implementation of strategies that effect improvement of workplace behaviors, morale and performance.


Thank you Dr. Mocha ...Also your personal anecdotes were always helpful.
For never making me ashamed of my feelings, always working through things and not backing away from hard moments, even when I was being difficult. Before you, I had this fear that I was gonna be too much for my therapist. I even left my first therapist for this fear. I now believe my feelings are valid.

I just came home from a six month deployment and I am glad that I listened to my buddy and signed up for your services." You have given me hope.


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